Casket Dress

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

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Fanatic force bikini. Suffering of a fragile identity. A cave in an embarrassing hideout cave. Adviser to patients and diplomats. Promises of gorgeous cloudy hexagonal hash loop home words. Huge hollow proposal. Antelope industry with abnormal illness. We abandon the time series hanger. Promote airport segmentation to make loneliness worse. Carnivorous nitro gymnast. A stone jewel. Royal pest darts. A study of difficult old grasshoppers. Inconsistent form of logical cemetery forms. Ameba cried a rapid carcinogen. Animatronics conspiracy advertisement. Element of the birth place of the beehive. Famous ones of glaciers. Common pond sewer way pimp, flag of moral carnival.


released December 22, 2016


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

trans music for trans people

a girl band whose heart will tear apart the night sky and devour the stars and the oceans and bleed on the world forever

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