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Did We Walk All This Way Just To Forget

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

it all comes around pale indoor sickness the nervous river the shadow pattern lay open screeching break presence illness a panic system a broken vessel silver falls over its unbody her smeared stars so they shine brighter now and we wake when rain falls it all comes around no image virus all body comfort watch distant trouble arch over midnight all tired tension the tender killer an evening picture silver falls over its unbody her smeared stars so they shine brighter now and we wake when rain falls
Let It In 03:42
ah don't forget to turn the lights out did you make the bed and gather all the dreams can't sleep unprepared did you eat did you brush your teeth did i walk all this way just to forget or what really happened can't you remember oh wait i think i know or was that just a movie can you tell me i'm not sure at all i think there was something we were about to do did you ever get out of bed or what ah you can't remember all we do is forget and remember again it's all static and change going on forever but it's not time to stop yet there is still life ah you woke me up i'm so sorry i didn't mean to but whose head is this on my pillow is it mine or yours there's some ungodly noise what is that why did i set an alarm this is hell ah did we even go to bed last night tell me if i slept please pinch me or something did i ever count the cracks in the ceiling you told me it's important did we take our pills and apply our gels what's our hormone levels all we do is forget and remember again it's all static and change going on forever but it's not time to stop yet there is still life
by the window cold wind very small sights and sounds dreams passing through frail bodies causing pain and comfort finding cold feelings in thoughts of future trains and water aimless longing and thousands of concrete fears looming chaos pictures twist words into nonsense sound kills them all threats and darker days within nights born into days and dawns vile insects crawl all over the moon and fall on her head dying animal eyes in the darkness glow like love life in solid states stiff frame moans and sways in the breeze brain sex pirate broadcasts always watching and talking loudly lesbian vampire with forgotten life knocks on the door let her in and let her play with your life what else have you got
Haunted Skin 03:54
twisting everything into poison burning hands dripping oil into my mouth a room filled with smoke that comes from nothing i fall on the bed and nothing happens standing in dark water that will rise the air filled with infinite useless fear a faint red light shows the world as it seems i think it is made from peeling skin it remembers and grieves for the unknown and i sing to ease its pain and sorrow poorly built supporting bone structures ancient fossils withering in the sun in bewitching glow eternally haunted parasitic governor crisp fiend unit in their petrified hearts and broken brains stirring nervous systems turned inside out hunter's engine spewing salt into the soil heartbreaking chains reaching for the sky unwritten fear etched into vinyl playing future folded neatly into perfect piles bleak absence devouring all the joy left only with a clay vampire fright the prophecy of buried nightmares unearthed seven bloodthirsty dream lands say goodbye
leaves in the library things all around climbing trees and falling down a strange hallway and stops at a closed stained glass door where has it gone the trains weeping the roads bleeding it's everywhere failing to be her body drained of blood sifting through the sky looking for small shards of life to love and care for and sometimes swallow whole seems like something it's in the trees slipping through hearts missing nothing ending someone long journey through souls and minds in light and dusk sometimes boxes arrive and the beings in them are let out to live and play
predatory birds preying on a nightmare sun the old night guide lies swollen in a ditch in levitating magnetic cells bitter prayers and disbelieving burnt wet vacant haze endless shipments of nude bodies with no future crimson captains green with sickening songs traveling through gray creepy abnormal harbors in the sea of bones islands point downwards move sweet ghost being your body is breaking up forming new space your perfect flaws will guide you there where threads are broken and mended and with time your scorn and fear will fade into haze and peaceful loneliness scores of cute ghosts carrying bullets for vengeance it's the end of the kingdom maker's dreams wailing cinders carrying black fog roam the streets draining silver from the sleepers corpse creatures of cremation luminous in the fog decomposing demon in a cold dress gently caressing the ash covered stars shining fusing breaths absorbing defective souls
A Dream 04:03
Painted Rain 04:23
glowing curses to admire and turn away from with great regret looking for the painted cold lands wearing old clothes keeping us warm it spoke of leeks blue green seaside dogwoods abound scary places a good rainfall climbing stairways with an old dog some wings would help
I Forget 04:44
i forget the far nights and days sometimes then and now i go away and reach for something slow and warm something still now and then it goes away deep into slowness finds itself at midnight falling into dreams of death and endings there is something there at midnight climbing out of dreams of death
Wail 04:52
does the isolation make you shiver does it scare you a cold silent desolation does it make you shiver and wail did you live these moments like you wanted did you find what you loved the most of all what you felt and thought in the sweet light of dawn you left space and you murdered time did it make you feel safer space returned and time rose from death did it make you shiver again
bright bleeding open eyes looking for her own sake old lost notes appear they say something new coiled being stretches in time to time shapeless and vast seeker bright star smeared across the sky stirs her in water eyes feeling so far and near there's some small nothing in my eye will forget coiled being stretches in time to time shapeless and vast seeker bright star smeared across the sky
Quiet 02:53
there is rest and there's comfort in the stars that unfolds within a quiet mind sometimes it listens and sometimes she hears something speaking and sometimes she sees


released October 25, 2021


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

Anne + Mio

queer gothic industrial vocaloid duo

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