Fragile Shapes

by Anne Beyond The Darkness



released December 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

unseemly girl band

trans music for trans people

all money we get from sales will be donated to Trans Women Of Color Collective

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Track Name: In Vague Shadows A Feathered Lady Softly Builds Valleys Of Wasted Ages
Accident. Mosaic monsters bark from the attic. Vague shadows. A vacant lady builds valleys of craters.
Light. Normal blue lands choke the planet. Sunrise buried in paper, bringer of shivering ages.
Stairs. Hear perfect pleasure kick pigeon dolls. Memories roar across twitching borders. Rotation of human bodies.
Fall. A flock of spines are caught and distributed to workers. Soft feathers assert their presence in spring.
Salt. Dry stone rites for funeral ghosts. Caves removed with mysterious teeth. Integrated waste letters.
Track Name: Constrained In A White Dress And Black Shoes With Diamonds In Our Mouths
Overflow of white clothing shoes. I hurt the Queen of Bell to remind lovely insects.
A sadistic chorus singing the mercy of diamonds. Insects and iguanas pour down iron throats.
Iron soup flow through bloody arches. Evil iguanas, comatose situation, cult of the betrayed mouth.
Mourning under the blood bow. I wake up in a dirty temple and stay there. Sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.
Constrained in a white dress and black shoes. Worry for mercy. Diamonds in your mouth.
Track Name: The Shape Made From Fragile And Frightening Things Is Divided In The Night Sky
Signal from your hometown breaks. A pig king dancing beyond the mirror.
A solid dew pattern on the edge of the crowd.
Healing falls from the beak of the insect. Drink them.
Crawling and rotting in legion. Let me dissolve naked into frozen concrete.
Drilling everlasting scars into ancient spirits. A rose colored chromosome crumpled.
Tiny skulls soar and increase their height over earthquakes.
Tempting us with growls from hostile waters.
The shape made from fragile and frightening things has changed.
Joy is divided in the night sky and confused.
Drink the devil's deep carcass.
Track Name: To Lie Sweet And Dormant In The Wrong Ambulance Under A Grain Moon
Death noise death noise death noise.
Moon grain moon grain moon grain.
Village horror village horror village horror.
Half terror half terror half terror.
Track Name: Rise In Front Of The Fortress Of Terror And Decorate It With Girlfriends' Dreams
Cities develop feathers. Mushroom traffic is controlled. Breed excess cows. Spoil the singer.
Solitary flesh, fight authority. Systematic embrace.
Desolate afterlife domination. Costumed carrots, massive and subsonic.
Careless, grim and fanatic. Don't bother with recovery. Wrapped in mud. Shame worm eat cows.
Feel everything. Nothing. Decorate in vain, rise up before the dread fort.
Drops hinge on concave daisies. A domesticated duke stands against the devil.
A dozen fake divisions die of starvation.

Hollow gutters circle and fight. Freeze oral clusters.
Girlfriends dream of battlegrounds. Swarm ash.
Solitary flesh, fight authority. Systematic embrace.
Obscene afterlife domination. Costumed carrots, massive and subsonic.
Track Name: Infinite Tyrants Appear As Nightmare Roots, Blasting Death, Old And Bound
Complete, correct, believe and beg. A wild hymn to a sinking werewolf. In confusion
the blacked out mushroom waveform is healed. Compassionate folding of moist geometry.
Empty buildings containing ephemeral absurdities coil around us and deceive us. Blind
nightmare roots surface in harmonic designs. Crisis identity for difficult purposes.
Furry president blasting death, old and bound. Nude eagles clad in leather grind
electricity. Duplicate homes revolting in chronological fury. Visitations from the
digital tin decade, an orange cannibal drenched in tar. Exposed pockets honors
haunting truth annually. Hunting bleep loneliness, bleakness of molten blip hives,
seek them in the bad lands. The aviators will accommodate you at their beautiful club.
Scream prayers at dread plantations and console hungry bacteria with absent flavors.
Ink mind descends and encounter the misshapen bleeder. When moths riot in foreign
dreams, murder the beholder of constants. Infinite tyrants appear as rusted limousines.
Conversion extortion by committees of crispy dignitaries. Nebula controller in chunks
of elephants fall flat and abstract for a beaten executioner. A shark blinks away a
century for deliverance. Ambient punches rain upon you. Get away from dishonest
penguins and the gaunt apes.
Track Name: Bamboo Faces With Burning Hooves Crawl Over Your Neon Tongue
Bamboo faces crawling over your tongue.
Angry cats in deep prayer, gigantic cobras circle them.
Shrimp fused together in muscular fog.
Neon knives pinch our haunted nerves.
Guns burn in blue ivory chunks.
Preserve or delete the delicate crutch of history.
Grin and bark before an encounter.
Drift in and drink the flood of ornamental bikes to mend the hearse.
Phantom fluids dancing for a century.
You are helping dreamless hooves with their depression.
A mistaken soup, naive and patient.
Curved desires help our distant executioner.

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