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Holds The Moon

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

she carries a ghost on her back show her the scenery of your heart lay in this chair and look at the lights I fall into the water bleeding there's a tongue inside her chest licking her heart and making it quietly shiver so incomplete and struggling to catch its breath to have a moment of air and relief her skin is covered with tiny teeth a flux of blood and broken bones she lays down she's grinding stone with shredded skin tearing naked flesh a light twinkles and she walks into the water and fades into the blue sky now she lives in film and memories while her dark wonders still remain cursing all life she holds an old knife with no time left shows you the scenery of her heart lay in the chair and live all her dreams she fades in the sea when she's bleeding a light twinkles inside her chest her heart bleeding in the water fades and shivers she lives in cursed memories and burning film but her will is still here living all life
sink under blank stone surface fall on dead leafs floor embrace shine circle inner old swords burning with a weird gladness go there to die for awhile lay to rest old and new wounds way back wrecked voices still sound beautiful echoing life
anne sits on the bed made of slow life she sees herself here broken but whole just some strange being gray haired shadow a doll's dream of being something else while shapes hover over her the sun has been gone for weeks it is too cold and it's too warm around her head stalking and searching for food dividing and fleeing and gathering all of the lost all of the unknown anne sits on the bed in a dim light she finds herself sometimes broken in blood another strange being starlit shadow a doll's dream of being something dead and it hovers over her the sun has been forgotten it is too much and too little around her head sleeping and dreaming of doors entering and leaving and laying down all of the found and all of the known
sweet clover cover skulls resting on stained pillows howls the night flickers end of the light wires break drown drip sleeping in fields sweet fang gift hush now failure on paper written down in the sweet light drawn in water with sand and stone pictures for me and there's meaning in moss and light the sky falling the way it does possessive glow numb body lake of fog and nonsense woods for getting lost beneath the corpse sky as the sun rusts and dies lonely plains open horror all the blank mood void holds the moon in the sweet light drawn in water with sand and stone pictures for me and there's meaning in moss and light the sky falling the way it does
Trees 06:25
with your hair tied up you learned to walk silently and to find some resilience and sense for doom everything self contained and shut out of time you are drinking the moisture you found in the gloom existing out of concrete space and out of touch mutilated with no body or some body torn and cut and bruised and always bleeding somewhere you always said you were nothing and nobody you are walking into a landscape you can't parse there's broken glass in your breath dripping of honey and it cuts and sweetens your mouth for nothing inside you useless organs grinding on and on your eye on a fork tears flowing into your mouth a chair of bones breaking under burdened weight kissing cold tiled walls body pressed to warm water parts of you go down into darkness and waste
spirits make their homes in flowers set on the table bright and tiny they bloom from promises of damnation their burning empress brains encased in metallic skin lovingly polished with unknown bodily fluids pink memory mountains coil forever unappealing visions of ghoulish fountains and a corporate death generator breeding violent centaurs with screaming hooves there's an architect made of three hamsters in a coat they build smoky spheres of dreamless everyday comfort feeding from a bottomless well of forbidden nectar under the eternal eyes of howling horizons the last hermit betrayed by empire a funeral engine spewing control annihilate dominate constipate beyond dormant mutating poison fields


released February 5, 2021


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

Anne + Mio

queer gothic industrial vocaloid duo

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