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I Am A Searing Ribbon

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

Shy reflections glowing behind execution eyes Glowing to hide their selves Dangerous performance of blood dresses Trees killing deprived expressions and journals Glowing to hide their selves Glowing trees in darkness hiding Shy trees in darkness glowing Failing to hide their selves Glow fish shine in darkness to expose its selves
I am a seared ribbon, a scar's shadow grieving oceans of time and waste. I am a cut ribbon floating on endless water. I am a seared ribbon, a wound's emptiness loving vastness of voids and stars. Trapped within walls and shadows with teeth. I am a seared ribbon, a void's infinite memories of wounds and stars and worth. I am a legacy of faults and stains and worries. I am a seared ribbon, a girl's door closed to realities of other presences. I am a constantly disappointing sacrifice. I am a seared ribbon, I am a shining ribbon, striking water falls. Fragments of sharp light and wires. floating on endless water Fragments of sharp light and wires Trapped in walls and shadows with teeth
Licking nightmare sickness off unliving ghost horrors An acid witch scaling pathetic forked spines On a quest to return possibilities to contradictions I descend to press worms against my lips Surviving broken voices through expanding classroom Screams beating on pots and pans and brains and televisions In compressed lung morning queer whispers like bullets Skin disappears revealing broken glass Purple fluids activate and move over bones and fat
Walking with the monochrome rhythm of limited existence Blood drips and yellow flowers grow where it falls Playing with bewitching devices gives some relief Murky powers prey along this path Reversed figures swirling through thoughts and the ground and the sky naked and hollow Breathing dormant air filled with bitterness Searing smoke made of girlfriend eyes Radiant and far away on hinges in winter Through parks of inhuman coldness To stalk shapes like ropes coiled around corpses To lose their way
Thriving forms go here to die She eats leaves and stones With spells drawn in blood Here lies doll spirits long gone Cruel and dreary and fighting for scraps of glitter She goes here to die Her life drawn in blood She eats oceans and stars She's the death girl (the girl that eats) She's the death girl (the girl that eats)


released April 9, 2020


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

Anne + Mio

queer gothic industrial vocaloid duo

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