I Am A Shining Ribbon

by Anne Beyond The Darkness



an album about self harm


released June 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

unseemly girl band

trans music for trans people

all money we get from sales will be donated to Trans Women Of Color Collective

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Track Name: I Am A Shining Ribbon, A Moon's Breath Parting Oceans
I am a shining ribbon, a moon's breath parting oceans of blood and porcelain.

Legacy of moons and breath cling in bright nest.
A beast sink rises, my faults strike white rooms.
I am a stained ribbon striking water tones.
Scared and worried with forty scars in debt.
I am a shining ribbon.

I am a shining ribbon, a moon's breath parting oceans of blood and porcelain.
Track Name: Ghost Hawks With Worms In Their Beaks
A bleeding ghost glacier, licking fluid from unliving glands.
Holding bait directly against my muzzle.
Fat hawks descend with worms in their beaks.
Track Name: Monochrome Time Chokes On Flowers And Filth
Monochrome rhythm of young animal with few chances.
Choke blood through filth, alters abuse through time.
I, poor lady writer, flee a circle of yellow flowers.
Track Name: Thriving Forms Go To Die Where Damage Grows
Fix denial amid fools alarm, on this branch damage grows.
Thriving forms go to die behind moss stones.
Here lies doll spirits long gone, her spell in leaf print.
Home town rest while Rope Mother search for traps.
Track Name: Glowing Fish Will Shine On You And Expose Your Darkness
Shine to expose its selves.
Glofish shine in darkness to expose its selves.
Track Name: I Am A Furious Ribbon, A Moon's Shadow Grieving Oceans
Lover of voids!
I am a furious ribbon, a moon's shadow grieving oceans of time and waste.
I am a red ribbon floating on endless water.

Lover of voids!
I am a burning ribbon, a moon's emptiness loving vastness of voids and stars.
I am a shining ribbon.
Track Name: Within Figures Spilled On Solid Ground The Woods Become Our Mouth
Midst forest walks, alters links between woods and mouth.
On solid ground within figures, herbs spill easily.
Fear and myths stir the bath, grants avoidance of ridiculous sorrows.
Love never dies, sex and secrets and hidden humor.

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