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Pat My Head To Make Me Love You

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

holding close the dusk comfort joys given a bed full of bricks singing for their deaths between faint bent time resting doll daughter mother dead of night future dear sisters in her ghost a small dream sleeps she's made of brittle distance in her house this small life feels like the whole world holding on to the safe masks they're all cracks and tape and glue and still the outside seeps in no safe spaces silver waves flutter adores cruel vessels tempting as kisses faded dread body in a shy like state hallowed scenes bind her broken low speaking just an unbeing her queer face in the cold sun feels like hell in the clear light small things shared between drained souls in a sealed room in her ghost a small life sleeps it's all made of her small dreams in this home a small life seems like the whole world
in fields headphones grow spitting blood we kiss and blush small timeless moments through glass covered in tar split blurred gateway to bed we can escape and fold found and drained of all care holding on to corpses fractured into curses cold like perfect clockwork on dead lines failed by time waves of kindness rise and snow falls and falls on us as we watch them die the snow beckons and burns in cute phantom felled fields no pain burning nerves end in the drowning sunlight holding on to corpses fractured into curses cold like perfect clockwork on dead lines failed by time
stale cities sinking in quicksand we fold like scarlet silk winters pat my head to make me love you pressed flowers decay into mirrors vague shadows descend from the sky grave stone rites for ghosts live forever a bland chorus singing for mercy memories roar across failed borders soft damned feathers assert their presence benign bringers of shivering days a strange lady builds vacant valleys an iron sludge coursing through her veins mourning under floors dripping blood held by howling arches built with hate the sunrise is buried in pieces pat my head to make me love you
something dancing and twitching and crawling beyond the heartache with dirty shapes concealed in shadows in all the failed time sometimes rare healing and some time breaks down into strange moments and here it's all the same scattered lost all over hollow sight and stillness exposed to everything designed to coil around zero peaks holding hope constant rain behind walls and a dread thing breathing absurd ink darkness lives a barbed skull like pattern at the edge of the crowd inviting and shimmering to some starving eyes in all the bound space sometimes warm lining and some space breaks down into strange places and here it's all the same bleakness of the bad lands constant and unchanging in a slow day's haunting creeping sense of future cold sludge filled emptiness immense scars in the sky and a dread thing dying absurd ink darkness lost
decades in cosmic ballrooms call silent heavens open to you frozen abandoned creation in basins of eternity inviting cruelty with sweet swords softly divided by fairies mistress of nocturnal creatures returning to the kind cradle under the sun sleepy bones floating slowly through vast existence they will never be saved cute fairy tales in the blood in sorrow distorted of kisses witching eyes tasting sex


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

Anne + Mio

queer gothic industrial vocaloid duo

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