Predatory blizzard, chaos and freezing hunger. Arrogant derelict creation. Decades in cosmic ballrooms. Global grid of amputation. Cultural electron swarm swimming in the black ink basin of eternity. Breed ministry of spirit dolls, illegal heaven opens to you. Pleasant and deteriorating dance, invite cruelty with love. A score of daughters with reversed blue teeth. Sleeping in a room filled with soil.
I fold creators of hope with a bright association. It feels like a century of cinnamon sex. Please divide softly. Affectionate mistress. Like fluent copper, please speak fluently. A violent veil splits. Cute fairy tale of a disgusting society. The end. The needle slides down a hot pavement and catches small creatures. A lovely stinky bee surrounds our head. The ship brings banned release. Please return to the cradle of your dizziness and catch hot metal. Bones under the summer sky. It floats slowly with crazy existence. I failed to kiss.
A portrait of a wolf falls. The lonely cherry blossoms die. If there is no photo, they will not be saved. Dealing with a deep hot crow. I lose the time of ambiguous relationship. Many little rabbits. Burial owners gather. Grab the wisdom. The witching demonic wizard provides a basic exorcism. Strong virginity sorrow. Creepy prayer distorts your destiny.
Smash hurts his face with poison. Raspy bell is suffering from honey's dream. Forget slowly and tremble with complete anger. Hilarious sun fear, useless crown. True hope like public waste. The military memory ring has been deleted. Time for a nasty question. Sucking pacifier and smoke. Quiet ice stop.


released June 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

trans music for trans people

a girl band whose heart will tear apart the night sky and devour the stars and the oceans and bleed on the world forever

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