A Moon's Shadow Embracing An Endless Ocean Of Wires

from I Am A Haunted Ribbon by Anne Beyond The Darkness



I am a haunting ribbon a moon's shadow embracing an endless ocean of wires
I am a seared ribbon a moon's final breath drowning in a mourning sky of white noise

coffee machines fragile and defective with knives in them
large rooms and small rooms and noisy rooms with radios
early summons before dawn and bitter liquids made from sweet whispers

abusive mornings afternoons spent in holes evenings fall from trees
it's a short way from a whisper to a scream
burning castles fill with ghosts and burst sending fragments of walls like mist

legions of kings play wretched flutes that fill the air with wires
a world made of waterfalls made of flesh and smoke unveils itself
pigs impaled on spires fill the air beasts fill the air


from I Am A Haunted Ribbon, released June 5, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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