Anne Drops Her Glasses And Can't See The Corpse Sky

from Lovely by Anne Beyond The Darkness



anne will drop her glasses
then she will change
she will lose herself
and be sad
the horizon has been eaten by flies
the gateway opened after so much time

she is alone and safe under the sky
it can't see her

when anne is caught in bright light
and her skull is seeping poison
everything will be perfect
rivers of maggots flood cities on fire
so they can come and give birth to the corpse sky

she is alone and safe under the sky
it can't see her

but without her glasses anne gets confused
it's all nonsense and noise
endlessly endlessly
the clouds are made of ghosts torn to pieces
their hollow rain makes them whole again

this is her home now
and it is quiet
anne is alone and she is safe
the world is made of broken glass
needles fill the air
they have come to stay


from Lovely, released May 21, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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