there's some gleaming machines
eating pills in the heat
hanging out together
at the church down the street

thumbs pressed over our eyes
so impressive and weak
breaking teeth on machines
there are insects with wheels

drunken snakes frail and great
crawling out from the grave
they are shaky and bright
with their ghosts far away

broken steel dogs compete
for the chance to get treats
breaking structures with teeth
there are insects with wheels

living trains start to think
drawing comics with ink
about sin and disease
no one cares what they think

tight herds of severed heads
filthy hair and rude eyes
scaling mountains with teeth
there are insects with wheels

fancy houses in suits
burning soil in the night
fingers pressed to their doors
they find pleasure in life

and god eats in his sleep
so malicious and meek
there's machines that can bleed
there are angels with teeth

smiles blur inhaling vile favors charged breath tremble and punish and see guards grown from nettles exists around him

remaining and not able to suck but to teach she will need to carry his carcass from sea to sea in bloody sheets that smell of soap while skies come down to touch to love to comb her hair with flowers from heaven with teeth and wheels that spin and constrain with hot stink that surpass the severed dead valley of envy and pain and loss

some old cats find success
in the wood working field
they eat cake and they pray
for the power to fail

and no one finds relief
we have souls filled with grief
grinding teeth on machines
there are insects with wheels

dancing on a wire
when feathers rise and roar
we set them on fire
and ashes rise and soar

dreams make cute little sounds
in the shape of night air
god has blood made of teeth
he's got teeth that can bleed

there's a clock on the wall
counting hours and days
its horses walk backwards
stitched together from nerves

faces rise from the ground
they're all smiles and sharp teeth
insect eyes that will bleed
there are teeth within teeth

worms shout out their beliefs
they are chunky and green
and they're riding on toads
with sharp spears and fine shields

we pull god off his throne
it is covered with flies
he is insects with wheels
there are teeth in his eyes


from Balls Of Yarn For All The Sad Girls, released July 3, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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