Faint Figures In The Sun

from I Am A Haunted Ribbon by Anne Beyond The Darkness



fragments within chambers
we are bound with gifts
clustered in each one's bleakness

we come from many dreams
our dear clothes and colors
engines in coffins

homesick softly drained of gifts
erasing flesh
distant broken and lonely

playing with cold winds
lines are crossed and erased
some objects of affection

slow calm life nice blood
hours made of soft bones
flowing deserted balance

homesick softly drained of peace
broken flesh
here to see some other life

fragments of new shapes
faint figures in the sun
almost close enough to love

silence in the blood
moths with double edged swords
almost close enough to touch

homesick softly drained of time
climbing stairs
here to live some strange life


from I Am A Haunted Ribbon, released June 5, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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