I pick pretty flowers
and I give them to you
you put them in vases
they just look so nice

hear a tale of terrors
clear water in my eyes
twice seen and beloved
needless stormy night

funny mental details
and I leave happily
even though it's midnight
beneath the old house

loving ravens sleep
in dire problem's arms
silent fog engulfs them
failures cry and shatter

unsent letters with stamps on them
temporary ambient art
snow stars stuck in dark hair wakes up
the night is calm and cool and good

abandoned store carts litter the corridors
they are too hard to climb over and too heavy to lift
dogs in planes circle overhead
I have trouble sleeping
I am a key with a sword in an empty castle
I don't fit and disillusioned doors stay locked

we go to the playground
and we sit on the swings
would you push me higher?
I'm really having fun

crawling over photos
strewn all over airports
future visions kill us
but we do not care

cursed spiders on fire
crawling under waste skin
under a hungry light
captive darkness rising

we both like to stay home
just like languid ghost girls
it's better together
in a nice quiet house

here it's quiet
here it's easy
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses

leaving time now
living time now
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses

we are moons now
we are stars now
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses

back to sleep now
back to dreams now
hugs and kisses
hugs and kisses

a lovely morning
tasty and unique
there's no sign of harm
your legs in my dress

electric kindness
its blinking motions
with zero purpose
but we both have fun

places end too soon
with obsolete screws
and dizzy bones
carried by cats

basins of snow light
calm waves of slow songs
this is very nice
it's all just so nice


from Balls Of Yarn For All The Sad Girls, released July 3, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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