in a forgotten room full of bells
bodies fall and minds fold

the zinc girl from the last town
she bakes the bread
she's got her face under your dress

in the forest there is a very sick rock
it has a smile and it's very bad
leave it alone

a flock of spines passes by on a plant throne
a cruel form

and trees break under their fame and they laugh

eating sad soap under golden clouds made of shit
sad clean mouth

useless visions saying nothing
it is all nonsense
faces in stone-
I like your shoes

gray half hours in bad towns
babies exploding boom boom
common summer hell in winter
bitten and beaming and bitter and gleaming and sneezing
longing large leafs
shivering control of true talk in the shower
false creepy scents fire

fog covers a lake
it's got a wound, old and dark
do not look into it

a strange thing is happening
the loss of flight
the sky's still there
birds on the ground made of nails
running away to their new homes
singing about life
they are just fine

a carrion man desires touch
form into a ball and roll away

all this endless and tedious trouble for what?
just for nothing, zero and naught

just all that talk, there's no mercy
just sad and sleepy
please go away

unused shiny paint
six oval sea shores kissing crimson salt masks
snoring bloated clocks on women's heads
now together
pastoral riddles with teasing purring fiction
a destructive, brawny toad


from Balls Of Yarn For All The Sad Girls, released July 3, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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