We Are Made From Haunted Lives

from I Am A Haunted Ribbon by Anne Beyond The Darkness



we come from many dreams
some times when nights are right we'll become wicked things
we go to many ghosts

we come from many lives
some times in a nice bed dreams can be caught and kept
we go to many deaths

we are made from tense dreams
we are made from quiet pain
we are made from old harm
we are made from waiting forms
we are made from deep seas
we are made from haunted lives
we are made from dear thoughts
we are made from stranger truth

we come from many homes
some day when we are still the world may close on us
we go to many harms

we come from many paths
some day the world may open and release its prey
we go through many gates

we come from many eggs
some day mouths may open and release us again
we go to many forms


from I Am A Haunted Ribbon, released June 5, 2020




Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

a doll's dream of being something else

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