Lament for a needle in a crowded room. Figure of the earth elegant and frightening. Locust stalker capable of being drawn into strands, bordering upon the supernatural like mucus. Sound of the nightingale. Stay and savor strict boundaries. Leave early to touch spurned core, gather weak dirt in thin hands. On distressed days you untie and arrange friends.
In avenging fields headphones grow, intoxicated we take the subway to listen. From our hips birds take flight, my cheeks flush and we look like fools. Blurred color gateway to hell. Death, death, death! Cute, cute. Miserable jade blossom crisis bloom. Death, death. Cute, cute. Plastic dolls crawl through crossfire. Death, death. Cute, cute. Barren clouds feed the cyclops. Death, death. Cute, cute. You against soft cosmic skyline. Cute, cute. Your face through moss covered glass. Cute, cute! Dire darlings with stunning and benign hearts, see them dressed in fine bitterness. On bloodstained boulevards, wild errors absorb scores of sad hamsters. Halfway there, feathers rise and roar and shed kittens in the garden. Bright sister machines gleaming and frozen. We can escape, abandon volcanic caves, become motion. Empty attractive vessel, forget their thick golden lizards. Kindly waves meet the sun and are defeated over night. Low rain punish volatile land, radiant breeze touch. Tender, slow, incompetent hypnotic grip stop and scream. Harsh and obscene birthday, liquid fairies pour burning from the cake. Cuddle noises echo back from the future. Under willows cluster forlorn ballerinas, a falcon appears to threaten them. Union of wolves, muscular and filthy. A beast's kingdom of riot and cold menace.
Confusion binds us to a beautiful stronghold, tranquilizing and draining us into phantom pain and entropic pleasure. Trembling sonnets, whirling sinews, applauds beckon. Silhouettes converge to live in my head. Delighting in unusual desire and moving rapidly to fall like trees into lethal rivers. Empathic and awkward ravens flee. My executioner howls through melting teeth, its blessed ghoulish engine. Solitary bringer of atrocity, missing oceans of time. Pure creatures at dawn, burning snow by the mountainside. They understand the flame and they love life.
In an aberrant church ladybugs sleep on illuminated cushions. No profit in pressed flowers hanging from balloons. Stale cities sinking in quicksand. Abrupt favors printed on sheets are distributed by snails. Divisions of squirrels crowd your windows. Pat their heads and they will like you. A cute girl dies and its elbow lies torn in the grass. We fold like violet silk winters.
Do you have a growing sympathy for rejoicing decadence? Can I wield my uselessness in bright joy and laughter? Do decayed ballads of shamed and burdened conjurings intrigue you? Dead displeasure slumber of impending doom comforts you.


released March 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

trans music for trans people

a girl band whose heart will tear apart the night sky and devour the stars and the oceans and bleed on the world forever

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