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I Am A Haunted Ribbon

by Anne Beyond The Darkness

I am a haunting ribbon a moon's shadow embracing an endless ocean of wires I am a seared ribbon a moon's final breath drowning in a mourning sky of white noise coffee machines fragile and defective with knives in them large rooms and small rooms and noisy rooms with radios early summons before dawn and bitter liquids made from sweet whispers abusive mornings afternoons spent in holes evenings fall from trees it's a short way from a whisper to a scream burning castles fill with ghosts and burst sending fragments of walls like mist legions of kings play wretched flutes that fill the air with wires a world made of waterfalls made of flesh and smoke unveils itself pigs impaled on spires fill the air beasts fill the air
shy eyes to love phone takes strange flight soft clothes to wear wings are so good overjoyed for imminent and lush guilt unused and obsolete and hypnotic suitably absurd life with nervous rest kindhearted dirt sleeps in our heads now trust for the moon still life to share nap locked in sleep maps for nice play in an odd state wealth of pale songs moods for short nights touch and new breath in a calm state all the pale songs moods for short nights touch and new strength
fragments within chambers we are bound with gifts clustered in each one's bleakness we come from many dreams our dear clothes and colors engines in coffins homesick softly drained of gifts erasing flesh distant broken and lonely playing with cold winds lines are crossed and erased some objects of affection slow calm life nice blood hours made of soft bones flowing deserted balance homesick softly drained of peace broken flesh here to see some other life fragments of new shapes faint figures in the sun almost close enough to love silence in the blood moths with double edged swords almost close enough to touch homesick softly drained of time climbing stairs here to live some strange life
Carnosaur 07:04
caged birds die and are reborn in her home she protects and nurses her children through long nights she loves them and will guide them to dominion of the land and the sea and the air her carnosaur will rule the world once more her carnosaur will make a new earth carnosaur carnosaur he lies on the table selling his goods while small men choke on their blueberry pies in the quiet night they are chained to machines while puppets eat their guts and then the world jumps her carnosaur will make the world their own her carnosaur will replace us all carnosaur carnosaur
we come from many dreams some times when nights are right we'll become wicked things we go to many ghosts we come from many lives some times in a nice bed dreams can be caught and kept we go to many deaths we are made from tense dreams we are made from quiet pain we are made from old harm we are made from waiting forms we are made from deep seas we are made from haunted lives we are made from dear thoughts we are made from stranger truth we come from many homes some day when we are still the world may close on us we go to many harms we come from many paths some day the world may open and release its prey we go through many gates we come from many eggs some day mouths may open and release us again we go to many forms
her unknown form wants to be seen she eats the moss on stones and even here where time stands still years are wasted and dreams are wasted life is useless death is useless time breaks like skin all her breaths are empty all her thoughts low I'm the false girl that screams her sense of self is misplaced so she looks in brief spaces but even here where some light shines all time is lost and all life is lost there is blood on the floor and walls time breaks like skin and all her sense is gone all her words lost I'm the false girl that screams I'm the faint girl the girl that cries I'm the death girl the girl that lives I'm the void girl the girl who knows I'm the weak girl who crawls I'm the ugly girl the girl who tries I'm the lost girl the girl who loses I'm the lost girl the girl who falls I'm the unknown girl the girl I'm the unknown girl I'm the false girl that screams I'm the faint girl the girl that cries I'm the death girl the girl that lives


released June 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Anne Beyond The Darkness Sweden

Anne + Mio

queer gothic industrial vocaloid duo

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